Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gardens In The Hills (Temecula West Hills / De Luz)

I drove for 4 hours today, showed houses and avocado groves in De Luz Hills.
This is my rewards for the day LOL. A Squash, Asian Cucumbers, Plums, Nectarines, Avocados, Apples, all from Buena Loma Gardens. They have Oranges and Tangerines too. Charlie the owner gave me a small Cherimoya tree for free (The grapes are from neighbor's vines). Elvie, Charlie's wife shared half a cut of Asian Cucumber with us and it was delicious and fresh. She only gave us 1/2 because she ate the other HALF LOL.. <3 span="">


Monday, April 21, 2014

Living Light: Home Made Air Cooler

Create Your Own Air Conditioner For Just $20. Wow!



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

California State Of Drought Emergency.,0,3799723.story

In California's drought emergency, Gov. Brown declares the obvious....,0,3799723.story#ixzz2ric3J1KP

Nevermind this now Emergency  Drought has turned Central Valley into a dust bowl for the last 6 years+.  A steadily groing population also created a situation that contributed to shrinking agricultural land. Environmental issue also added to the woes.

According to  "In 2007, federal judge Oliver Wanger imposed limits on the amount of water pumped from the San Joachin-Sacramento River delta to farms in California's Central Valley in order to protect a two-inch endangered fish called the Delta Smelt. As a result, several hundred thousand acres of farmland on the west side of the Central Valley now lie fallow, and many thousands of jobs have been lost. In the city of Mendota, for example, the unemployment rate exceeds 40%. If the bill passes, Obama says he'll veto it."

The top 10 for 2011 gross income
in Stanislaus County:
1. Milk $766.2 million
2. Almonds $628.3 million
3. Chickens $220.1 million
4. Cattle $207.6 million
5. Walnuts $175.7 million
6. Silage (feed) $156.3 million
7. Tomatoes $91 million
8. Deciduous nursery $71.4 million
9. Alfalfa $70.1 million
10. Turkeys $67.2 million