Monday, November 18, 2013

Back To Country Blogging

I have not been here for a while, actually over a year. I went to Thailand in October 2012 for my father's funeral. Since the beginning of 2013, this year had been passing by even faster than usual. I spent more time in Thailand and mostly to be with my mother and helped her with moving back into her own home.

My mother's home:

I will write more for this blog as it is very personal for me as I am living in the country since 2001. As a matter of face, since I moved from Silicon Valley down to Temecula Wine Country. This blog is a continuation from my other articles I wrote on Boomers International web site which is still up and running as linked to here:

So I hope you will be back reading this blog again.
Peace & Love,
Jieranai Maier