Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Fragances and Sweet Honey,

While driving around in De Luz in the last few months I noticed that there are so
many boxes of bees around in many of the avocado groves. What's give. Oh well I should have known. I bought this Temecula Valley avocado honey for $7.99 at Tom's Farm. Now I know how they got those honey. Pretty smart indeed. All they do is put the boxes of bees there and hope that no one steal them and wow those honey clinging to the honeycomb and dripping .....

The bees can bring in lots of honey, local honey from the local avocado groves.

Avocado farmers used to have to rent the bees to pollinate their groves, now the bee
keepers are asking the property owners to put their boxes of bees on or near the
avocado groves when avocado trees are blooming profusely.

Talking about blooming, it is that time of year again for the heavenly smell in the
evening here in the Temecula Valley. Those gloriously, perfumery smell are the sweet scents of the blooming citrus blossoms on the trees from the groves around our ranch!!
I am glad that we still have the citrus groves around, I would really miss the chance of having the lovely fragrance in the air during spring time.

I know that citrus groves were blamed for harboring the glassy-winged sharpshooter which first appeared in California around the late 90s. The glassy-winged sharpshooter live in citrus groves and it spread the pierce disease that killed
2000 of acres of vines in the vineyards.

Without grape vines and the wine growers we would not have a wine industry but without the citrus groves, we would not have the sweet fragrance of the citrus blossom.

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