Monday, September 7, 2009

America's Famous Home Towns

Birth Place of Famous people, movie stars, actors etc.

I guessed the first one correctly !! Ofcourse you know who was born here, in Fairmount, Indiana,

James Dean: Fairmount, Indiana
The original live-fast-die-young movie star, on whom so many future actors would model their images, died tragically in a car crash on September 30, 1955. A monument and plaque to Dean stand on Highway 46 in Cholame, Calif., but most fans choose instead to celebrate the young actor's life by following the James Dean Trail across Fairmount, Ind. The journey actually starts in nearby Marion, where a plaque marks the location of Dean's birth in 1931, then continues to sites that include his boyhood home, high school, even the shop where he purchased his first motorcycle. Unlike so many stars whose fame eclipses their humble origins, Dean was buried in his hometown, at the Park Cemetery in East Fairmount.

How about Gary, Indiana? Winterset, Iowa? Tupelo, Mississippi? you get the idea....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

US Highway 50.

The most famous US Highway that everyone talk about - Route 66 - not too much is known about US Highway 50.
Today I watched Tom Brokaw on Dateline, NBC he talked about US Highway 50 and towns along the highway and the chaning lives of the people during the tough economic time.

You can also watch the show on USA Network.

"The Route That Gives The Traveler Most Is U.S. 50 Coast to Coast."

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Visit US 50 Coast to Coast !