Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Temecula Wine Country,

One of the views from the small hill in Temecula Wine Country on Berenda Road.
I love living here inTemecula Wine Country, Southern California.

I noticed several photos were lifted from several of my pages and posted online for VRBO, RE web sites etc. etc.
Thank you.
Jieranai Maier ⓒ2016 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blue Cut Fire In Southern California

So sad. Images from the burned Clyde Ranch off Lone Pine Canyon Road. 
Will Lester — Staff Photographer, SB Sun…/earp-cabin-clyde-ranch-barn-among-lo…

Historical Earp cabin, Clyde Ranch barn lost to Blue Cut fire. (Virgil Earp was a brother of Wyatt Earp) 

Build in 1872 in Lone Pine Camyon, Clyde Ranch was a favorite landmark for locals. 
DAVID BAUMAN, FILE PHOTO, The Press-Enterprise -


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Coyote Over population in Southern California ?

How to Protect your Pets from Coyotes.

Coyotes and People: What to Know If You See or Encounter a Coyote

Human-coyote encounters—and coyote attacks—are rare
Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors
  • Attacks on people by coyotes are very rare and are usually preventable through changes in human behavior. Dawn Macheca
An encounter with a coyote in the urban and suburban landscape is a rare event, even where coyotes are found in large numbers. 
These animals are generally nocturnal and seldom seen. You may catch a glimpse of a coyote, however, as she moves from one part of her territory to another in search of prey (usually small mammals such as mice or voles). 
Observing a coyote in this manner (even during the daytime) does not mean that the coyote is sick or aggressive. If the coyote is scared away by your presence, she is exhibiting natural behavior and this should not be cause for concern.

Coyotes, Pets and Community Cats

What you need to know about protecting your pets and community cats from coyotes
Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors
  • Coyotes are valuable in urban ecosystems as major predators of mice, rats, and Canada geese (species considered by some to be “pests”). Dawn Macheca.

Many people assume that coyotes don't live in suburban or urban neighborhoods because they don't see them. But that assumption can be dangerous for your animal companions.
Coyotes typically hunt small mammals such as mice, voles, and rabbits. If given the opportunity, they will also make a meal of a cat, tame or feral.
Dogs, especially smaller breeds, are also at risk, although attacks on them are more rare.
The best way to protect your pets is to let them outside only when you are with them—especially at night—and to keep pet food and water inside.

Coyote Over population in Southern California ?

                                    Coyote carries small dog out of  Laguna Beach home's bedroom


This is a picture of the Coyote on top of the fence, it was captured in Anaheim and posted by a Facebook profile:  Tee El, This was on Monday, November 30,  2015. 

I posted my reply to this picture just to share my experience living with several packs of Coyotes in Temecula Valley Wine Country.

We live in the Temecula Valley Wine Country near Lake Skinner, for the last 15 years. There are about 3-4 packs / families of coyotes around the creeks below our home & in the vineyards & orange groves. They communicate to each other at night, and you can hear them howling and calling out to each other. We have tall fences around our home and our next door neighbor has 2 big dogs that bark whenever they see the coyotes at night. Occasionally the neighbors report a bobcat sighting. These animals are thirsty because of the drought and the bobcat travel down from the mountains since the river beds and the creeks are  all dried up. The coyotes are looking for any food they can eat and they will eat the fruits as well. I have to say that they have been here long before us and the expansion of the wine country as well as the new developments are driving them out slowly but surely. Fortunately for them, there is a 702 acres French Valley Wildlife Area which is protected habitat for wild plants and animals. 

We used to own 21 acres avocado grove in the Temecula West Hills and the coyotes love the ripe avocados and any sweet fruits in the orchards. The grove owners usually put out a big tub of water for them so they will not chew out the rubber tubing of the sprinkler system to get to the water.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spors, Fungus, Mushroom NO! Do Not Touch!

If You Ever Find One Of These Things In The Woods, Don't Touch It

Friday, June 3, 2016

Coming soon.

I need to reorganize and maintain this blog as one central point of my catch all blog..

I need to add all my good links relating to my country / retirement life here.

I have written many poems in these past 15 years, and I am working on publishing it.

I will put all my beautiful photos on my Poems web site ! <3 font="" nbsp="">

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Living Rooms.

Which is the style of your living room.

See more living rooms and get inspired:,7163292002,7194142993,7183829065,7267237073,7268588464 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Country Life (Rich Life)

How to turn an unfinished home to a beautiful ESTATE in the COUTRY.
Some people have vision.

Courtesy of : Destry Johnson, ERA Coast & Ranch
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Courtesy of  Jeffery Bast, Tarbell Realtor
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